Tuesday, 1 January 2013

A Fresh Start

I have not been blogging much since I've been at uni, but now i'm really determined to document my adventures this year, and what better time than 1st Jan... a new year.

I hope everyone had a great Christmas and New Year!

I will leave you all with a picture of some NYE celebration fireworks seen from my window


Saturday, 25 August 2012

Future Plans

So this year I'm going to be in my final year at university. There are a few things that I'd really like to do when I leave uni. These are;

1. Graduate with a 1st Class Honours Degree in Business Management
2. Get a job
3. Learn to Drive (Although this may be started/completed in my final year)
4. Buy my own house

The next few are less important, but things I would like to purchase when I start earning money;

4. Buy something Mulberry - whether that be a handbag or purse, I'll see what they have at the time, but to be honest I like so many products in there! Even considered a £60 silver keyring with an engraved classic mulberry tree, although I can't justify spending that much on a keyring when I'm still a jobless student.
5. Buy something Louis Vuitton (Possibly from Paris) - I already own a handbag which originally belonged to my mum's boyfriend's ex wife - but I'm not sure if it is real or not.

I've always liked designer brands and products but I've never been able to afford them, I see the time where I am in work as an opportunity to enjoy luxury things bought with money I have earnt myself.

What did you spend your first pay check on? And what are you saving up for if anything?

Monday, 16 July 2012


Right, I'm not very active on here anymore, but hopefully someone will see this post and might be interested in what I have to offer!

Since I don't know if there will be much interest, I haven't taken photos, but I can do if you want to see them, just leave me a comment! :D So here's what I have:

Models Own Nail Polishes;
Blue Lagoon - Never Used/ Maybe Once  - £3
Golden Peach - Never Used / Maybe Once - £3
Pastel Pink - Used Twice - £2.50
Cherry Pie - Never Used, Still Sealed - £3.50
Sterling Silver - Used Once - £3
Green Flash - Used Once/ Maybe Twice - £3

Barry M Nail Polishes;
310 Mushroom - Used Once £1.50
306 Blueberry Ice Cream - Used Once £1.50

As you can see, I don't wear nail polishes very often, they mostly have just been sitting around in my drawer!

Dazzle Dusts:
All of these are either never used, or used once. None or very little product is missing than from what you would get brand new. Therefore I am selling them all for £3 each.

Dazzle Dusts
Shade 14 - Khaki
Shade 22 - Electric Blue
Shade 23 - Midnight
Shade 24 - Old Gold
Shade 44 - Bronze
Shade 53 - Chocolate
Shade 72 - Emerald
Shade 76 - Yellow
Shade 84 - Cherry Red
Shade 94 - Teal

Fine Glitter Dusts
Shade 4 - Silver
No label, but I THINK it's Shade 20 - Denim

I also have Armani Diamonds Perfume Gift set which contains;
30ML Bottle of Perfume
75ML Body Wash
75ML Body Lotion

All have been tested, but not used as I dislike the smell, please note that I don't have the original box, I thought I would get round to using it, but I haven't. The perfume only is currently retailing in boots for £30 on it's own.

Thanks for having a look :)
Emz xx

Friday, 30 March 2012

Recycling Clothes & Possible Blog sale?

I've always wondered why there wasn't some magical place where you could sell your clothes back to somewhere for like half of what they are worth or something! But since such a place doesn't exist, I've decided to see how my clothes would fair selling on ebay.

I didn't think I'd get very much for my pieces, but it turns out that they aren't doing too bad! I sold a few Primark tops for like £6 when they probably cost me that in the first place!

So now I've decided whenever I want something new, I've got to find old things to sell to the value of the new thing(s)! I spent £90 on clothes the other day (which I'll do a little haul on in a few days) and I currently have made £45 from old clothes! So still got a little way to go, but it's fun!

I think the lady in the post office will start to hate me! I posted 5 things the other day! She's grumpy anyway!

I was considering selling my Armani Diamonds Perfume gift set that I got for Christmas, and maybe seeing how it does here, but since I haven't blogged in such a long time, I'm not sure how many people would look!

Comment below if you think I should do a blog sale of my clothes and bits and bobs, I might have some makeup stuff that I could sell too.

Hope everyone is doing well!
Emz ♥

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Changing Hair colour?

Right, over the last month I have been trying to dye my hair dark blonde. First I pre-lightened it which turned it bright orange with white blonde patches and some brown bits too! So I was very scared! Then I used a dark blonde dye and it went a kinda brassy ginger colour but I've been using John Freida's violet colour correcting mousse and it seems to help but then my housemates were teasing me saying it was starting to look green! So then I dyed it this colour;

106 Natural Medium Ash Blonde (left)

Next time I'm considering dying it 101 Shade Natural baby blonde because maybe then it will look like 106 is supposed to! but comparing the two colour samples, they look almost identical? Although below (right) is the colour I got when I used 106.

Here's before and after pics; I was wearing colour contacts in the before pic :P

I'm not sure if I want to dye it again or leave it this colour and use a home highlighting kit to introduce blonde into my hair.


Much Love,

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

A year break?!

I can't believe it's been so long since I last had a blog post! I've been so busy with uni that blogging fell to the back of my mind! But now I'm really hoping that I'll remember to blog more now because it's something that I really used to enjoy!

Hope everyone is well,

Thursday, 3 February 2011

New Look + H&M Haul

Hiyaaa, sorry it's been so long, I lost my campus card last week which was a bit of a pain D: I left it in the nightclub.

Right, so first I'm going to start with what I've bought recently.

Store: Both TFNC London
Price: Left; £37 reduced to £20 Right; £35 reduced to £20
I have been wanting these dresses for soooo long but I've always said to myself that they were too much. When I saw these on sale I knew I had to have them straight away! They're gorgeoussss and they both tie together at the back into a bow. Soo cute and a bargain price, it just shows that it pays to wait a little while!

Store: New Look
Price: £59.99 reduced to £25!
This is the coat that I was talking about in my previous post. I LOVE this coat. It's real leather and I'm so surprised that i found this for only £25! what made it even better was I had a £20 voucher for christmas so actually I only paid £5! The fur can also be removed so you can just wear it as a leather jacket if you wanted to.

Store: New Look
Price: £15.99 but something like £12.80 cause of 20% student discount
I like this skirt because it's got a zip at the back and because it feels more secure and like it will stay in place than my £3.99 jersey skirt from H&M which kept riding up too much!

Store: New Look
Price: £24.99 but I got them for £19.99 (20% student discount)
I really do love these, but because I'm already 5ft 8, these make me close to 6ftish. I feel like a giant when I wear them, and they're sooo painful after a short amount of time D:

Store: H&M
Price: I think this was around £10 or £12 but reduced to £5.
Perfect with a little black skirt for going out :)

Store: H&M
Price: £24.99
I love thisss! It's a lovely lace dress and it looks lovely with a little tan belt!

Store: H&M
Price: £14.99
I really needed a pair of flat shoes to go out, because the big wedge shoes that I bought are soo painful and sometimes I don't feel like wearing heels cause I'm tall enough as it is D:

So that's all for now folksss!
Hope you liked my haul.

See you soon!